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About Student Affairs

Another term is community sense or student service where and whom student will reach out for more and expand the ideas from their learning in class to daily life practice activities. Extra-curriculum such as clubs and other activities are supporting the student learning habits plus Emotional Quotient (EQs), Intelligent Quotient (IQs) and Culture Quotient (CQs). Moreover Counseling and First Aid Support Programs are going to be available in the near future.

Student Affairs consists of Clubs, in and out campus events, field trips, Alumni and association, student campus life, student orientation and so on; thus these are our basic copes which assist student during their university life.

Vision and Mision
The division of University of Puthisastra is seeking to become the premier University among the other potential Universities. That makes University not only invent the effective curriculum, but they also run many extra curricula activities especially clubs. The Student Affair is playing an integral role for its University in helping to accomplish University’s vision.

In order to pursue lifelong welfare and share a fundamental belief in the value of the Student Affairs and its ability to transform lives, we have the clear vision, mission and goal as stated below:

To empower students to be successful in academic achievement, career, to become the strong leaders and global citizens through supporting services and consulting for students’ out of classroom needs.

To fulfill the University’s vision, which develop, share and provide knowledge and competency through University’s core values to the students, the Student Affair does not only coordinate students’ service to meet their specific needs, but also provide general student direction and guidance, focusing on personal growth including leadership development, problem solving, career, decision-making, and group learning, that challenge students to work both independently and as part of a team, including referral to resources available both within and outside the University, and enhance the partnerships with faculty, clubs, campus department, alumni, community members. Besides, we would need to advance the educational experiences of our students through programs and services that support academic success. Also, we provide for fundamental needs, build communities, and particular emphasis on developing community through encouraging its community engagement so that our students can be able to use their potential skills and abilities to function in the workplace, as well as contributing to the larger community.

We seek for powerful partnerships promoting student learning, professional development, and the advancement of knowledge through the University so as to contribute to the University’s learning environment, and discover the future of the Student Affair.
At last, I would like to express our thanks to University of Puthisastra for its support in running the Student Affair, without which the club would not possibly have been achieve our goal. Also, we, members of the Student Affair, sincerely hope this department will be useful to University and there will have more next generations coming to make the consistency and keep progressing the goal of the Student Affair.
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