Campus Life

Community Service

Caring and concerned citizens are at the heart of our core value of “Develop Society”. Making an effort to contribute time to the community helps develop a society. At UP students are encouraged to find ways that they can make a difference. For instance, students have raised funds for a Children’s Hospital, they have worked on city clean-up projects with Joint Commission International and they have traveled to villages to help at schools.

community service

Support Services

The University feels a strong sense of responsibility to safeguard the care of its students. All staff members share a profound concern for the well-being of our students. Various mechanisms have been put into place to facilitate this. For instance, students are encouraged to speak with their lecturers and the academic affairs office if they are experiencing challenges with their classes. Members of the student affairs team are available to speak to students on a variety of personal issues. For minor health concerns, the university is equipped with a first-aid station and is also able to tap the resources of the Faculty of Health Sciences. It is the mission of the University to aid students in the development of mind, body and spirit.

Career Placement

It is important that the University prepares students for life after graduation. One specific course, Self-Development, helps students develop their interpersonal and public-speaking skills. Students are able to learn and practice interviewing skills to prepare them for the job search. In addition, lecturers help screen CV’s. The student affairs office in coordination with the National Employment Agency receives hundreds of job announcements and posts them on campus for students to review.

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