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Chairman's Message


On behalf of the University of Puthisastra (UP), I would like to express my gratitude and warm welcome to the president, academic boards, management team, faculty members, staffs, lecturers, and our students.

UP is a young university, founded on the vision to develop, share and provide knowledge and competency, through our core values to the students. So that they can take part and take ownership of the development process of Cambodia and the global community. 

We at UP believe in 3 core values, which are Honor Self, Respect Other, and Develop Society. UP has invested a lot of resources to help our students realize their potential, to have an open minded culture to pursue freedom and truth, and to contribute back to our community, the country, and the global community.

We are now in a very good time in Cambodian history, where we actually have peace and stability, which is a very important platform for the development of any country. The country a whole can now focus on the development process in all areas. And we believe that a quality education is a very critical component to the country’s sustainable development

In today’s world, where the rate of change is happening at a very fast pace, we need to have the ability to learn quickly. Furthermore, besides from the fast pace changes, the future is also becoming more uncertain, thus the need to work as a team, at the individual level, organization level, and country level. This factor requires university to find and innovate ways to equip students with skills and tools that will prepare them for this fast pace and uncertain future.

In this new world, we believe that the new generation of students will require a new way of thinking. The type of thinking that helps them to think globally and act locally, and see the big picture. The type of thinking that will create shared value for everyone around them. Thus, to make this happens UP continues to attract and retain outstanding faculty and administrative personnel who are well respected in their fields. We offer a challenging intellectual environment within our 6 faculties of bachelor degrees and associated degrees involvement in innovative research projects and life enhancing community service around on our UP campus.

I invite you to explore and be part of UP and take this opportunity to advance yourself, strive for what you believe in, build a stronger you in UP with the culture of shared value.

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