Maintain the highest of academic standards and professional ethics
Be courageous and principled and encourage others to do the same with honesty and accountability

Embrace diversity of opinions, skills, knowledge and backgrounds Embody tolerance in our interactions with our community

Inspire self-discovery, problem-solving and creativity Work together for positive change for society


khmer new year party at UP

Khmer New Year

This annual event provides a great sense of pride for the entire University community. The atmosphere on campus is very festive as this celebration provides a venue for various student organizations to showcase their talents. Some of the popular performances include traditional Khmer dance from the Dance Club, singing and instrumentals from the Music Club and energetic demonstrations from the Khmer Martial Arts Club and the Taekwondo Club. Another highlight of the New Year festivities is the traditional and modern fashion show and the various games that everyone participates in.

International Day

One of our core values is “Respect Others”, but here at the University we take it to another level by embracing and celebrating diversity. International Day is one very prominent way in which we as a community share this sentiment. Students represent numerous nations across the globe through food, dress, traditions and music. This event is a fun and festive way to learn about various cultures around the world.


We believe that the spirit of competition is healthy when it encourages its participants to work hard, work together and to work fairly. Some of the most popular events that challenge our minds on campus are debate forums, small business competitions and chess tournaments. Often, we have members of the broader community join us for these events. We also have competitions on campus that challenge the body in the form of martial arts, dance and table-tennis.

Field Trips

The University believes that learning occurs in many different forms. Being able to visit and experience things that you have learned in textbooks and in the classroom enriches the educational process. For instance, visits to the National Museum and the Royal Palace give students a stronger connection not only to course material but also to their own cultural heritage. Trips to the provinces such as Kandal, Kompong Speu, Kampot and others allow students to see and learn more about the richness of the country.

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