Research Activities

Specific Research Activities

The DoP’s primary focuses for the present time are pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical technology, and public health research. Other focuses will be followed based on the need of the society and availability of human resources.

Past Research Activities

The DoP has conducted and published some research papers with respect to pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical technology, and pharmacy education. Two of them were published in the third issue of Asian Journal of Pharmacognosy, and one of them was accepted for publication in the fourth issue of the Asian Journal of Pharmacognosy. Two of the research related to pharmacy education was completed and planned to be published in the 1st Pharmaceutical Research Conference—Theme: Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacy Education, to be held on September 29, 2017.

Current Research Activities

Currently, the DoP is conducting 24 research projects in the field of pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical technology, public health and pharmacy education. These projects are being actively involved by faculty members and a number of pharmaceutical undergraduate students.

Future Research Activities

The UP-Herbarium will be established as a basis for the publication of Cambodian Floral Book, which is an important document considered as a legacy for next Cambodian generation in the domain of Medicinal Plants. Moreover, the DoP is planning to develop the research capability of its laboratories to the standard and reference level. The research associated with the Plant Tissue Culture linked with the UP Botanical Garden and nanotechnology are on planning agenda.

Research Collaborations

In addition to DoP’s current resources, DoP’s research activities are technically supported by both local and international collaborations as the following:

Local Partners

1. Pharma Product Manufacturing (PPM)

2. Institut Pasteur du Cambodge

3. Samaki Medical Laboratory

4. Angkor Hospital for Children (Siem Reap)


6. BIOBYKHIN Medical Analysis Laboratory

International Partners

1. Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)

2. National University of Singapore, Medical Society Project's Sa'Bai (Singapore)

3. National University of Singapore, Medical Society Project's Lokun (Singapore)

4. AJOU University (Korea)

5. Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)

6. Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University (Thailand)

7. Saint Louis College (Thailand)

8. Khon Kaen University (Thailand)

9. Walailak University (Thailand)

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