If you are considering where to study dentistry, choose University of Puthisastra. At UP, QUALITY COMES FIRST! UP Department of Dentistry now has perhaps the most highly qualified team of dental lecturers and tutors in Cambodia. Over the past two years we have recruited lecturers who are specialists in specific areas,…
Studying dentistry at University of Puthisastra takes 7 years. In foundation year, students will be taught many subjects such as: Art and Social Science, Math, Sciences and computer, Foreign Languages, and many other oriented subjects.
Health plays very important role in each person’s life. If they are not healthy, their daily life will have problem. Obviously, a number of patients have increased significantly nowadays; therefore, the presences of doctors are really important to solve this problem. Meanwhile, University of Puthisastra is a famous educational institution,…
Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs) are able to Manage, Maintain and Repair all kinds of Medical Equipment found in medical facilities from very large hospitals right down to small clinics. Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs) are essential in ensuring improved healthcare outcomes to patients, by ensuring that clinical staffs have access to…
There are five institutions which are training Dentistry; meanwhile, University of Puthisastra is one of top and reliable universities which provides the best quality training. There are many reasons which lead UP to become one of the best including lecturers, equipment, classroom, activities and the whole university environment.
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