For those students who want to pursue their study in Computer Science, University of Puthisastra is the first priority. Students can succeed in their dream and strengthen their ability to be well-prepared for future career. Studying Master Degree in Computer and Science at University of Puthisastra, students will be given…
BMET project is supported by GE foundation and Ministry of Health in partnership with University of Puthisastra and Calmet hospital. This project was initiated in the late 2011. Students who study this skill will be trained how to repair, maintain and manage all kind of medical facilities. All students start learning…
According to University’s policy, when students become sophomores, they are given opportunity to intern at provincial & municipal hospitals which are the hospital partners with University of Puthisastra. On 1stSeptember 2015, seven medical students who were year-two and year-three students of University of Puthisastra took internship at Prey Veng hospital.
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