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2 students from ICT Department of University of Puthisastra has departed  from Cambodia today to Korea University of Technology Education for one semester exchange program. We would like to congrats them and wish them all their best.
The last two weeks UP has hosted a team of 25 dentists, dental assistants and support staff from Australia. They are members of the Australian Health Humanitarian Aid organization (AHHA). During the week they worked closely with our UP dental students and staff to provide treatment for about 500 patients – mostly disabled children, and children and adults from poor communities. This was the first time the Australian team had visited us, and they were very happy to have such modern equipment to use in our clinic – as they had expected much less.
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On 28th &29th July 2016 UP Medicine student’s year 4&5 attended the “Physiology Quiz imspq 2016” in Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. The participant came from 84 universities around the world. The physiology quiz consisted of writing and oral test.
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Congratulation to our members of Lbokator club for visiting to pratice and paticipate in competition in Republic of Korea. We wish them all the best.
On August 16th, 2016, Dr. Anbin Ezhilan, Vice President of International Affairs and Research and Mr. Seng Bunvirak, Director for the President’s office of University of Puthisastrta officially visited Chiang Mai University, on behalf of the President for signing MoU in the Field of Medicine.
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New course of English Language Bridging Program (ELBP) have commenced with experienced instructors who employ various methods and have always tried their best to help students to use their English properly as English is needed in their study and careers.

Hence, join us to make your English usable and recognized!
Students of University of Puthisastra attended Youth International Day on 12th August, at Institute of technology of Cambodia which was organized by Ministry of Youth and sport.

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