Maintain the highest of academic standards and professional ethics
Be courageous and principled and encourage others to do the same with honesty and accountability

Embrace diversity of opinions, skills, knowledge and backgrounds Embody tolerance in our interactions with our community

Inspire self-discovery, problem-solving and creativity Work together for positive change for society



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UP is pleased to welcome Dr. Hout Dane to join our team at UP.  Dr. Dane has recently graduated from Mahidol University with a Master in Prosthodontics.  She will be working in our dental clinic as a clinical tutor for 3 days per week.  We are very fortunate to have another specialist to add to our growing pool of top Cambodian dentists who teach our students.  Dr. Dane will primarily supervise students who are doing complete dentures, partial dentures, crowns and bridges.  She will also be available to treat some private patients who would prefer to be treated by a dentist rather than a student.  

The quality of our UP teaching staff is growing year by year.  We now have on staff teaching students in year 4 to year 6:
- 2 with PhDs
- 10 with Master degree
- 4 who will be completing Master degree soon.

We will soon have clinical specialists in almost all areas of dentistry including: oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, prosthodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, operative dentistry, and periodontics.  UP is proud to be able to offer the highest quality dental education in Cambodia.

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Two medical students shared their own experiences about national entrance exam of health and Science faculty.
Student name Nam Vireak, a junior at University of Puthisastra mentioned that after finished grade 12, he came to Phnom Penh. He wanted to become a professional dentist. ‘ After finished grade 12, I came to Phnom Penh to find  preparation classes and  information related to University’ Student who comes from Takeo province told that both factors :  his passion and supportive advice  from relatives made him want to pursue in this field  , therefore, he committed to pass entrance exam.
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Science and Technology Faculty of University of Puthisastra is one of professional Faculty of Science and Technology in Kingdom of Cambodia which received right training program from Microsoft Company. All documents and programs are sponsored by Microsoft Company. Students will get real knowledge in ICT skill after graduation from the specialist skill that they have been chosen.
We would like to congrat all students who graduate from UP. We would like to inform that UP graduation day will be hold on 22th of September 2016 at Sokha Hotel Phnom Penh.
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