Maintain the highest of academic standards and professional ethics
Be courageous and principled and encourage others to do the same with honesty and accountability

Embrace diversity of opinions, skills, knowledge and backgrounds Embody tolerance in our interactions with our community

Inspire self-discovery, problem-solving and creativity Work together for positive change for society



On 27 December, 2012, a group of 32 students from Silla University, Republic of Korea arrived at University of Puthisastra to participate in the UP-Silla University Cultural Exchanges Program. The event took place the entire day. Upon the arrival, Silla University students along with UP students took a University of Puthisastra campus tour before proceeding to Hall H which the event took place. To officially start event, Mr. HENG Rattana, assistant to Vice President of Academic Affair has delivered a welcoming speech following by the cultural performances from both Silla University and UP students. Everyone in the Hall enthusiastically enjoyed the shows and games. After the show, all students gathered all together in front of UP canteen to have lunch. Later, all students had a city tour such as to Central Market, Sorya Shopping Centre and Royal Palace.

UPer, UP COMT member, very much enjoyed having the opportunity to join your priceless event and to tour sponsor exhibition. We would like to thank you for taking the time to show us around and lead your club for long time. Your facility impressed me as a warm, caring out a good outcome to bring their loved ones and a pleasant working environment for club member. UPer are very interested in joining for the event, Giving Certificate to 1st generation of UP COMT that you have facilitated. Today is a great day to UP COMT which celebrates to UP medical student. There are 250 students and some company joint this event full day. Moreover, there are a few club performances from Teakwondo and Dancing club, and short educational and entertaining drama performance. To add up the event more surprise, UP COMT has lucky draw for all participants.

Human to Human Cambodia (HTH) was founded by joint professional that gains knowledge through life experiences by dealing with difficulties and different people in the society, and registering the company with the Ministry of Commerce No. 2723/2012 on April 26, 2012. Human Resource can drive business to success or loss. Good recruitment with highly professional, talented, and hard working staff will help companies gain hundred times of incomes with high productivities and reduce costs. The best recruitment agency will also save your business’s time and money, allowing you to focus on its core competencies and other strategic initiatives should you consider hiring such an agency! Anyway, we are going to show present soft skill as self development to UP student as possible. Moreover, we would like to invite all your UP student to show their talent in our training. We would like to ask for 3 rooms and some facilitators and the event lunch at December 15th, 2012 from 1:00-6:00:00pm in UP campus.

  • What: Topic" Soft skill: self development"
  • Who: UPer ( UP staff, Students and Public)
  • When: Saturday 15th December 2012
  • Where: UP Campus
  • Register at Student affairs Office, Room A08

On 5 November 2012, the President and administration welcomed the new class of students for the Fall semester. In his speech, the President emphasized the importance of "Honoring Self, Respecting Others and Developing Society". The audience was treated to a wonderful showcase of UP student talent. The UP Music Club performed two beautiful songs and the UP Taekwondo Club and UP Labokato Club provided electrifying showcases of their skills. Students were also given awards for their high performance in competitions for technology, taekwondo and scholarship. It was an enriching and enjoyable day for all!

taekwondoIt is with great pleasure that we announce that two of our recent graduates have won a bronze medal at the Taekwondo National Championship Contest. We are very proud of Miss Seng Sitha and Miss Pok Sok Eang for their achievement. The Taekwondo Club at UP was only established in 2011, which makes this accomplishment even more impressive. Congratulations!


FTMS was established in Singapore in 1986 to provide training courses in accounting. Since then FTMS has branched itself throughout 12 countries that are located in Asia and Africa. In addition, FTMS is conducting professional trainings, an academic program and other business services.

Due to the need from employers to recruit talented graduated students and the firm belief that (FIA=Foundation in Accountancy) and (ACCA=The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) will help students to find good and well-paid jobs in many standardized companies, FTMS Cambodia will organize “FTMS Top Job Competition 2012” for students who major in Finance, Accounting, Auditing, and Business at different universities in Phnom Penh. This competition will help fresh graduates and those who are looking for a job to better understand what the employer’s expectations are. Moreover, this competition will give students opportunities to get a job at KPMG Cambodia, Canadia Bank as well as to receive a scholarship to study at FIA and FTMS.

FTMS will launch FTMS JC for four times to help the students to be more aware of the process and the criteria of the competition.

Date Time Venue
1st 10/10/2012 8:00am - 12:00pm Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Centre, IFL Campus
2nd 11/10/2012 1:30pm - 5:30pm National University of Management
3rd 25/10/2012 8:00am - 12:00pm University of Puthisastra
4rd 26/10/2012 8:00am - 12:00pm Norton University

Topic :

ASEAN Community 2015 will cause more unemployment to Cambodian Youth

UP debate teams had made to final day with the participation of judges Dr.Kang Chandararoth, Mr.Stephen Paterson, Mr.Kith Chankrisna, Mr.Heng Rattana and Ms.Kim Socheata,the managment team as well as distinguished guests.

Without any doubt, the two teams had perfectly prepared to confront any challenges during the competition. On the outset, the debate started a bit relaxed with the first speaker from the preposition team. Then coming to the second speaker from the proposition team, her presentation began to catch the audiences as well as the judges' attention because it was said that she was too emotional over her positions. Nevertheless, the opposition team had eventually won the first place after the final judgement. The main reasons that the opposition deserved the first place were, one of the judges had put it "they have shown us their teamwork spirit and the evidents they presented were very logical".

Finally the dabate had come to an end with a few advice provided by Dr. Kang Chandararoth and photo session.

img 0426

img 0456

Where : Hall H (University of Puthisastra)

When  : 17th August 2012 (10:00 am - 11:00 am)

Who    : 4 scholarship students by VP KANG Chandararot and VP KITH Chankrisna

We are announcing about UP volunteer for Summer-Marketing Campaign for 3 month.

We have announced at bulletin and waiting for participant from our student only.

For more information and application: Student Affairs Office ( Room: A08).

Deadline: 5:00pm, July 07 2012.

v s marketing

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